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First Medtrade selected for First Wimbart Office Hours Program

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By Amina Ibrahim

Jun 16, 2020

In March 2020, Wimbart launched the first edition of its Office Hours Programme, a PR mentorship programme designed to equip early-stage start-ups with the knowledge and skills needed to frame the narrative surrounding their start-up from the beginning.

Wimbart is an independent PR agency specialising in Africa and emerging markets founded in 2014 by Jessica Hope. Wimbart is one of the most active PR agencies focusing on startup technology companies in Africa, with clients that include Andela, IROKOtv, Kobo360, and 54gene. 

Speaking about the Office Hours program, Jessica stated that:
"The first edition of Wimbart Office Hours is an opportunity for us to work directly with some early-stage start-ups, helping them to unpack and master how communications and media strategy should be a key part of their growth strategy. The team and I probably speak to 100+ African companies and start-up founders each year, many of whom are unaware of why comms should be on their radar from day one, and unclear on how they can go about developing and executing a PR strategy that supports their business.

“Strategic, tailored PR is critical for start-ups, when it comes to fundraising, attracting customers and talent acquisition, as well as distinguishing yourself in the marketplace. Every company will have these objectives at some point so these aren’t just tools to help you move – these are resources that will always be relevant and we hope to equip our cohort with the skills and ideas they need to get started”.  

First Medtrade was selected to participate in the first edition of the Wimbart Office Hours Program between April & June 2020. The program made it possible for First Medtrade to get its first major media coverage by one of the biggest media outlets in Africa, Disrupt Africa.

Applications are now open for the second Wimbart Office Hours Program to close on 24th July 2020. Click here to apply.

Click here to view the full list of the Wimbart Office Hours first cohort. View our Wimbart Office Hours video testimonial here



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