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Forbes selects First Medtrade Africa for the 1st Digital Startup Accelerator Program

In May 2020, Forbes announced that applications were open to businesses and startups across Nigeria for the Forbes Digital Startup Accelerator Program and received over 5000 applications within two (2) weeks. 200 companies were selected for the 2020 program including First Medtrade Africa.

See the full list of selected companies here.

The Accelerator Program offers 4-week digital training to help businesses build and scale their companies for the future and access to $100k in free credits and perks from AWS, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud. 

The program is scheduled from June 2nd to June 25th 2020 and will culminate in Demo Day at the Forbes Nigeria Summit on June 25th where the top 10 startups will pitch and present to the Forbes team and global audience. The top 10 startups will be selected by voting. 

First Medtrade Africa was selected amongst the top 200 startups for the Digital Accelerator, now we need your support to be selected for Demo Day where we will pitch our business to prospective investors on the Forbes Team.

Click here to vote First Medtrade Africa. 

The Digital Startup Accelerator Program is powered by Forbes8 and Global Startup Ecosystem. Forbes8 is an online streaming service which provides access to videos containing tips and insights to guide entrepreneurs through every stage of business.

Global Startup Ecosystem is the largest digital accelerator program for startups across 7 global regions (Africa, America, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East). 1000 companies across 90 countries complete the program every year- entirely online.

Click here to view the full list of selected companies on the Forbes website.
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  • Jun 2020
  • Amina Ibrahim